Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bad blogger, bad blogger, no more

Bad blogger, bad blogger. That has really been my mantra for not blogging more, like forever everywhere. Recently I took a step back and took a look at what and how I do things in SL at the general prompting of a good friend. -winks at my good friend Shelly, the quiet angel on my shoulder- Her actual request was for everyone to look at how positive/negative you are in plurk, but it made me look at just how positive/negative and effective I am in general.

I looked and my blogging and it comes up short. I have a good/bad, OK Bad habit of over thinking a concept and never going to press with it. I literally have dozens of half baked posts that I have spent hours on that have not been posted because I never found them to be finished enough.

That ends today.

I have to rember that blogs are made for just putting it out there. While I tend to be in awe of bloggs that are amazingly and perfectly put together, an unread or unwritten blog might as well not be there. So my precious few followers or anyone backtracking to this momnet. Yes this is the moment that damn burst. Ok so enough, I have have tonnes to do, and time is never on my side. ;-)

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