Saturday, January 9, 2010

SLFashionFails etc.

I’m going to keep this quick so I actually finish and post it. Last night I was made aware of a plurk account called SLFashionFails. This little gem of an account was set up, as far as I can tell, with the simple purpose to anonymously bash random fashion designers. As much as many have called this account harmless, it included very loaded statements that crossed the line IMOHO involving suicide, racism and gay bashing. Me and my “Lynch Mob” as anyone like minded has been labeled, didn’t find this account funny at all, so some of us reported the account to Plurk for violation of TOS and I am happy to say the account has been removed.

End of story right? Well apparently no. Aside from the “Lynch Mob” baloney, many seem confused why I care about this at all. This account was what I refer to as “Anonymous Hate” one of the nastier little afterbirths of the Internet. SLFashionFails was not a mixed bag of praise and criticism, constructive criticism, or light hearted look at SL fashion. SLFashionFails was only set up to post mean and nasty often line crossing comments anonymously. Beyond this little gem, Anonymous Hate is one of the more dangerous things around on the net. Why? Inside of all of us, you, me, your mom, ALL OF US is this nasty little monster that will say, do and think the worst of the worst. What hopefully keep us in check are empathy, morals, and simple consequences for our actions. Anonymous Hate ends all of that, say whatever, no consequences at all.

Ok Rob that’s a cute opinion you have there but doesn’t this mean you are against freedom of speech and all forms of Anonymity on the Internet. Nope, I am a huge fan of Anonymity where it is needed. Live in Iran and want to talk about the sham of an election they just had and not see members of your family dragged away with bags on their heads? You Need anonymity. Are you in an abusive relationship and need to connect with others in your situation for support without getting kicked in the teeth again? You Need anonymity. Have an avatar in SL and don’t like something you see on one of the fashion feeds and want to say something about it? You know what? YOU DON’T FUCKING NEED ANONYMITY! You just don’t. Worried about what people will think about you after you say something? That’s a clue you shouldn’t be saying it.

As far as freedom of speech, give me a break. Online social networks and blog systems while free tend to have standards and Terms of Service. They pretty much all tend to be against hate speech in general gay bashing and racial references made things very easy to report this account. But doesn’t freedom of speech mean anything anywhere? NO it doesn’t. Screaming “fire” in a crowded movie theatre is the classic case, but freedom of speech does not mean you are not accountable for what you say.

-Sigh- and as I am writing this I have been called a Nazi for my efforts. If Aeon only had the slightest clue to what that term really meant. Ah the ignorance of youth, I truly miss you.


  1. Love you too Sanura,hope you know Ivey and I both do. I don't know what gets into peoples heads with this kinda BS. I hope they read what I had to say and school me where I am wrong. Obvious non readers are just going to get laughed at. ;-)

  2. I agree. Just cause one might have the "right" to say something doesn't mean it should be said.

  3. I find it so annoying when people who use their anonymity to say things they lack the courage to say in their own persona complain about censorship and wave the freedom of speech flag. Freedom of speech does not guarantee them to the right to approval and applause. SLFashionFails, in fact, objected to the speech of Roblem and others who were critical of her/his timeline - showing the typical "free speech for me but not for thee" hypocrisy of those who think free speech is a one way street and guarantees them the right to be racist, homophobic and just plain mean without anyone saying "Shame!"

    And of course, there were the kneejerk defenders of all things mean - the people who confuse meanness with insight and spite with courage - even though it's anonymous spite.

    Now, if the government had arrested SLFashionFAils, I would speak up for that person - a much of a spiteful person they may be. But it's not censorship when you run around saying other people suck and someone turns around and tells you MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!

  4. way to go Rob!!! you tell em like it is - miss you guys and think about yas often - will be back in full force soon enough just have to take care of RL first - Love you guys always!!! huggs and bites x0x0x0

  5. Very well said! Thank you for doing it so well!

  6. -waves to Kalia- Come back to us soon!

    Thank you all for your thoughtful and supportive feedback. It really makes all the effort Ivey, I and others have put into trying to get our point across worthwhile. Really its been more about that than just getting one plurk account shut down. In the end you can agree with me or not, but at least you know who you are dealing with. Heh, its been tiring but a great weekend overall, thanks again.

  7. What can I say? Eh...Welcome to the Internets?

    This kind of posting has been going on since the inception of BBS and newsgroups. The only problem is that now, we have a sub-culture of internet snobs who can't take a little 'roughing up' now and again.

    I read SLFashionFails Plurk, and to be honest, it was funny. Not really a critique of SL Fashion or good writing, but funny nonetheless.

    This leads me to the you complain to your local TV/cable provider when Fox news is pushing news stories for all Muslims wishing to fly, to be stripsearched in airport security? I think not. That's just NUTS to do something like that. SL users moral highground barely extends past their computer screens.

    This just seems like a case of gargantuan butthurt.

  8. Ah my first anonymous coward.

    Yes "nimilsucks" I know all about the Internet and how these things can get out of control. This time around a few of us decided to do something about it.

    I'm sure you and others did find it funny, as your kind always does. Bottom line Plurk didn't find it funny so they pulled the account.

    Pulling that "there are bigger issues in the world" trump card doesn't work on me either. (Like I watch fox news) After all you found the time to come here right?

    Sorry for your butthurt ;-)

  9. Hmm, since I don't have a blogger account or any of the verification you require to post on this blog, I did have to create an AIM account.

    I don't see what the problem is though, you have an open blog. Why am I a coward for posting on 'RoblemRants'?

    Since you didn't get the gist of my previous post, let me explain:
    - Many SL users have their priorities skewed, there are worse things happening in the world.
    - Ignoring these 'shit-disurbers/trainwrecks' is better than getting them banned.
    - I was using Fox news as an example of sensationalist media, and some of the nutty things said in the public realm.

    It's morally abhorrent that you care so much about something as piddly as a badly composed, second life plurk.

  10. Well your nimilsucks account got you in the door but It doesn't lead to who you are in SL so I stand behind not just coward but anonymous coward.

    So again if there are so many worse things going on in the world why are you back here addressing my response to something so pointless? I have my own reasons that I care at all. Yet you keep coming back to tell me how much I am waisting my time. What is your excuse?

    The account got themselves banned for violation of Plurk TOS, all a few of us did was ask for a review of the account.

    "Morally abhorrent", really? Well after being called a lynch mob and a Nazi over this its a bit weak actually. I sent one e-mail to plurk, and used this account as a platform for why I don't like Anonymous Hate in general. Well worth the time I have put into this. Can't imagine why you are wasting your time here, isn't it better to just ignore me?


  12. just wanted to state on here the same as on the other blog. "nimilsucks" is not me. i have no idea who this is or why they are using my name.

  13. well i for one agree with what you had to say completely - and nor do i watch fox news - but that's another barrel of monkeys...hate crimes are hate crimes - regardless of whether they happen on the interwebs (heh) or in your neighborhood. I suppose dear nimilsucks thinks it's funny for some body (insert sexual orientation and or race and or belief system of your choice) to be verbally and physically abused in real life. Abuse is abuse regardless

  14. @ Sugarr, do you realize how stupid your post is?

    How can you even think about comparing internet JIBES to actual physical violence? Have you been privvy to a physical abuse? I have, and it was racially about that eh?

    Had you even read the plurk in question? There was one comment that coined the title of a film, that's a right...a film "Last of the Mohicans" and some tool was all, 'omg don't make fun of indigenous peoples'. Idiots.

    Seriously, read my freaking posts; I was neither praising nor condemning the plurk in question, so stick your supposition where the sun doesn't shine.

    @ nimil - I don't know you, sorry. you know it's a dude's name...right (it's my bro's name!)?! I'm assuming you're a girl since I googled 'nimil' and loads of your pages are in the top search.