Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wanna be a big time RL blogger and blog about SL?

Ok this is funny but it isnt. Wanna be a big time RL blogger and blog about SL? Let me hand you the template. You get the line, after the Colon : that's my comments, ready? here we go...

Remember Second Life? : Yep reword it however you like, This is your opening gambit because you know why would anyone remember around a million and a half players active today?

Next you do a line or two about from SL from 3-5 years ago. : You know the deal, Lag, copybot, virtual sex, wild wild west, whatever tired story you want to hook your wagon onto.

Get the word "avatar" and James Cameron in your post. : Yep just do it, Hey look I just did! Apparently the work done by Howard Rheingold, Jaron Lanier, Philip Rosedale, and countless others to bring virtual reality to life never happed. Yep it all came out a half an hour before the movie.

...fading into obscurity... : Apparently if you are not on the cover of every newspaper and magazine weekly you don't exist. Funny because last time I checked newspapers and magazines were having a hard time of it.

...because "whatever my pet project is" has a home in second life its all good. : Yep thats it, now just ramble on about how SL is useful to you and your readers.

Don't get me wrong, A couple of years ago, heck even a couple of months ago it was all much much more negative. I give Linden Labs their due with the 2.0 push, us "oldbees" hate the new viewer but if you are new or "back" you will love it. However SL 2.0 it way more than just the viewer, way more than I care to get into here, and it's all pretty good. So welcome back folks, we kept it all nice and warm for you.

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